The New Landscape

At the end of September 2013, i had taken a week off work, primarily to recharge batteries and to also prep for another Driving Test. There were other things bubbling away as well, things relevant to how i was feeling but too complicated to talk about here.

I failed the test and felt bad. Just really… really bad… low…. and…

Instinct kicked in. I nabbed my at the time new camera (the Lumix DMC-LZ20) and went out. To where, I don’t know.

Pride of Place: The Armadillo, the Finnieston Crane & The Hydro, 26 September 2013, F/3.3, 1/8s, ISO 100, 8mm

I eventually settled on heading out to take pictures of the new venue that was due to open in the next few days or so, the Hydro and also the surrounding areas, including the newly opened squinty bridge.

I think i spent 3 or 4 hours heading there and wandering about. Getting to grips with the camera, taking pics and working out what to take pics of. This pic is a newly edited version of one of the pics i took. It was edited because the original looked like a grey afternoon rather than early dusk. I think i still like this.

That afternoon as well was the first in a long line of days where being kind to myself was paramount.

The moral of the story. Be kind to yourself… and do what you love to heal.

Published by Allan Moore

Paisley born, work in finance, used to write dispatches from Paisley but now looking to showcase my photography.

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