Are You Ready For Your Close Up?

Something I’d like to do at some point is portrait work. Not done very much of this type of photography. So, if anyone fancies being a willing victim for me, give me a shout.

In the meantime, here’s the closest I’ve got to portraiture with all of these pictures taken on the prime 50mm lens (commonly known as the “Nifty Fifty” lens). Dead trees, take your bow…

Branching Out: Gleniffer Braes, 23 October 2020, F/4.0, 1/50s, ISO 800

Here’s Twiggy: Gleniffer Braes, 20 March 2021, F/3.2, 1/80s, ISO 100

A Little Prickly: Glenburn-Barrhead cycle track, 1 January 2021, F/5.0, 1/60s, ISO 200

The Whole Log: Gleniffer Braes, 3 April 2021, F/3.2, 1/1600s, ISO 100

Published by Allan Moore

Paisley born, work in finance, used to write dispatches from Paisley but now looking to showcase my photography.

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