The Far North West

One of the things i’d always fancied doing was an Island hopping trip around Scotland. It’s still something I fancy doing even though i’ve visited a large number of them. I’ve visited Mull twice, been to Skye (once, 15 years ago natch) and (if you’ve read my bio) lived on the Western Isles. Wide OpenContinue reading “The Far North West”

The Jewel In The Crown

As i intimated a couple of weeks ago, Paisley Abbey is not my favourite building in Paisley. It is a beautiful building that is difficult to take a bad picture of, but it is edged out, in my mind, by the Coats Memorial Church. Catch The Sun: 7 June 2008, F/3, 1/11s, ISO 100 AllContinue reading “The Jewel In The Crown”

The New Landscape

At the end of September 2013, i had taken a week off work, primarily to recharge batteries and to also prep for another Driving Test. There were other things bubbling away as well, things relevant to how i was feeling but too complicated to talk about here. I failed the test and felt bad. JustContinue reading “The New Landscape”

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