The Far North West

One of the things i’d always fancied doing was an Island hopping trip around Scotland. It’s still something I fancy doing even though i’ve visited a large number of them. I’ve visited Mull twice, been to Skye (once, 15 years ago natch) and (if you’ve read my bio) lived on the Western Isles. Wide OpenContinue reading “The Far North West”

When I Tried To Go To Loch Humphry

Last summer i was moaning about being bored about taking pics of Paisley and city centre pics of Glasgow. One of my work colleagues had mentioned that they had gone on a walk to Loch Humphry (from Kilpatrick on the north bank of the Clyde, right next to the Erskine Bridge). With a week offContinue reading “When I Tried To Go To Loch Humphry”

Look West

Additional post this week. Accompanying the post about Coats Memorial Baptist Church, here’s a pic that shows how much it dominates the Paisley skyline. I do hope you like it as I nearly slid and fell into the Barshaw Park mud heading accross to the top of the hill (not something you see a lotContinue reading “Look West”

Let Me Reintroduce Myself

If you’ve read this far, hello. My named is Allan, and I take pictures. You might know me because I used to write political blogs, you might have known me from work, or you follow me on social media. I’ve now decided to go back to blogging, but not as you would know it. I’mContinue reading “Let Me Reintroduce Myself”

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