Scotland: In Miniature

After my… errrr… escapades in the Isle of Lewis, the next time I went on a boat would be the following year for a couple of days away on Arran. Arran is off the west coast of central Scotland, just below the Kyles on a map and can be accessed by ferry from Ardrossan. TheContinue reading “Scotland: In Miniature”

The Jewel In The Crown

As i intimated a couple of weeks ago, Paisley Abbey is not my favourite building in Paisley. It is a beautiful building that is difficult to take a bad picture of, but it is edged out, in my mind, by the Coats Memorial Church. Catch The Sun: 7 June 2008, F/3, 1/11s, ISO 100 AllContinue reading “The Jewel In The Crown”

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